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My Interview with JLauren Events

February 1st, 2010

A couple weeks ago, I was approached by Jen, of JLauren Events to do an interview about boudoir photography.  I found her questions to be ones that many people might have, so I’ve decided to share the interview with you here as well! Also, if you are getting married and haven’t gotten a wedding planner […]


A couple weeks ago, I was approached by Jen, of JLauren Events to do an interview about boudoir photography.  I found her questions to be ones that many people might have, so I’ve decided to share the interview with you here as well!

Also, if you are getting married and haven’t gotten a wedding planner yet, I highly encourage you to give Jen a call.  She coordinates all size weddings and events and can work with a variety of budgets…plus she’s just great!

Hope you enjoy my interview with JLauren Events!

Can you tell our readers, what exactly is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photos are similar to what you would see in a Victoria Secret catalog or what you picture when you think of classic pin-up pictures from the 1950’s.  Boudoir Photography is becoming a really popular way for ladies to give the man in their life a peek at their sexy side.  Women who do boudoir sessions are typically photographed wearing lingerie, but the level of modesty can range from being completely covered (by a robe or men’s button down) to nude.  Although a Google search for “boudoir photography” will pull up some sketchy material to say the least, for me a boudoir session is all about what is implied and not necessarily what’s revealed.  The resulting images are provocative yes, but they’re also very classy.  Images are typically put into an album or other product that’s given to their husband or groom as a gift.

I have noticed an increase in brides requesting this service.  Why do you think it has become so popular?

Personally, I think brides want to do something extra special for the man they’re about to marry, and they’re looking for something a little different.  I think they want to surprise him with something that is very personal, and maybe a little unexpected for most.  Presenting a boudoir album just has a wow factor that most other gifts can’t compare to, and what better time to give a gift like that than right before she walks downs the aisle.

Boudoir sessions also have an extra added perk for the bride.  Not only do the photos end up being an excellent gift for the groom, but the session itself is a great way for the bride to take some time away from all the stress of planning her wedding and just have some fun.   It’s the perfect opportunity to try out a makeup artist or hairstylist you’ve been considering for your wedding day as well.  The shoots are designed to make women feel more beautiful and confident…and who doesn’t want that right before their wedding?

Where do you do your sessions?

All of my sessions are done in the privacy of your home or chosen location (usually a hotel suite or a borrowed home).

Shoots can take place in a bedroom, living room, private backyard, or even a bathroom.  I always discuss the location and come up with a plan that fits the clients’ personality and desired look for the shoot.

What can/should a bride do to prepare for her shoot?  What should she bring with her?

  1. She should choose outfits that make her feel sexy.
  2. Have a glass of wine.
  3. Relax.
  4. Be ready to have fun.

She should consider including things her groom loves into the shoot.  For instance, if he loves golf, we can use his set of clubs in some of the poses.  If he plays guitar or has a favorite tie, bring it.  Items like that really help personalize the photographs.

Tell us about what happens on the day of the shoot.  How do you like to work with the bride?

We’ll start out by chatting a little bit about her shoot and what to expect.  As she is having her makeup done we’ll discuss any areas she feels insecure with so that I have an idea of the poses and techniques I’ll need to work with to get her most flattering images.  From there we’ll talk about posing and ideas that I think will work well for her desired look.  I’ll answer any questions she has and when she is ready, we’ll start shooting.

I will coach her through the entire shoot so she never has to worry about not knowing what to do.  We’ll play music, laugh and have a great time with it!

Any tips for our readers on getting the best pictures?

I definitely recommend including professional makeup in the session.  Not only will you love the results, your pictures will come out better and you will feel more glamorous having had that time of pampering.

Another tip I would give her is to relax and enjoy the experience.  Allowing your unique personality to come through is essential to getting great shots that your fiancé will love.

Tell me about these Pin-Up Parties.  They sound like so much fun!

They ARE so much fun!  A Pin-Up Party is when you are ready for something a little different for your ladies night out, whether it’s for a bachelorette party, a birthday, or just to have some fun.

Here’s how it works:

You invite 4-9 of your friends to your house or chosen location for the Pin-Up Party.  If you bring 4 friends, your session is free.  If you bring 8 friends, your little black book is free too!  I bring an all female staff so there is no need to feel nervous or uncomfortable.  Upon our arrival, each girl will receive professional makeup and some hairstyling.  Whenever each girl is ready, her shoot will begin.  As I coach each girl through her mini session, the rest of the group can enjoy music, champagne, and visiting!

The best part about these parties is that, not only are you each receiving a mini supermodel experience that will have you walking away feeling confident and beautiful, but you are making memories with your friends that will last a lifetime!

What else do you want to share about your services?

One thing I really want ladies to know is that if they are considering a boudoir session but are hesitating because of some insecurity, they should go for it regardless of the imperfections they “think” they have!  What I hear a lot of is “I’d love to do a shoot, but I don’t look good enough for one.”  Let’s be real.  We are our own worst critic.  We all wish some part of us looked different…better muscle tone, a skinnier waist, a bigger… eh hem…chest area, etc.   It’s actually those times in your life when you don’t feel particularly attractive that you SHOULD schedule a boudoir session!  Why?  Because that’s when we need the confidence boost, and there’s no better way to do that than by getting pampered, feeling like a supermodel, and then seeing how gorgeous you really look when you see the final product.  Boudoir sessions are for anyone, regardless of body shape or size.