Featured on 10TV News!

Back in the fall of last year, I received a call from 10tv News, asking if they could do a feature segment on my boudoir photography and what the experience is like for women.  I can’t even remember exactly what I said in response; I was so excited!  I imagine my jaw dropped and I probably struggled for words, and eventually muttered something to the effect of “Uh…I’d be happy to do a feature…absolutely!…wow…that’s awesome!”

Once we decided it would be a full blown Pin-up Party that would be covered, my task of pulling it all together began.  As I soon found out, with this being a personal and rather private type of session, it’s quite difficult to find a group of ladies willing to be shown on the news in their “bare essentials!”  So, a huge thank you is in order to Andrea and her friends for braving it out and allowing me to do the less-than-private party with them!  And a GINORMOUS thank you to the talented ladies at Studio Fovero for providing the chic location and the makeup and hairstyling for all our girls!


Ok, so once the plans were in order, the next thing on my mind was…Oh geez, I hate being on camera!  An interview?  What did I get myself into?!!  “Don’t over-think it. You’ll do fine,” my friends told me.  Easier said than done!  I was a complete ball of nerves!  Seriously.  It was more anxiety than any meditative yoga class could handle.  I eventually came to terms with the fact that I will never enjoy watching myself talk, and I will never ever ever like hearing the sound of my own voice…and I’m ok with that.  On the night of the party, the Studio Fovero team were total rockstars…I mean seriously fun people with insane talent!  It was a blast!

If you missed the news segment, check it out here…


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