Exceptional Boudoir Images in your Everyday Bedroom

What I hear a lot when I’m planning custom boudoir shoots with my clients is “my house isn’t anything special”. ┬áDespite what you might think, you really don’t need a spectacular room in order to get great photos. I’m very used to working with small spaces and less-than-elaborate layouts. It’s great if you can clear away any clutter, and it’s always an extra added perk if you have a nice window we can use for some natural light, but I do bring studio lights in and can work in just about any lighting situation.

Miss A.’s private session was exactly this scenario. We actually used her fiance’s apartment bedroom, which had a great side window, and here are some of the stunning portraits we got from her session!

creative boudoir photos with black heals

sexy boudoir photos with black lingerie and a window

rolling on bed in black lingerie for boudoir photography shoot

intimate boudoir photos with blonde girl and black lingerie

columbus boudoir photography with girl stretching on bed

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